Q Is this pill splitter guaranteed?

Yes. If you are dissatisfied with this product for any reason, it may be returned for full credit within 60 days of purchase, in which case please request a Return Authorization at Contact Us. After 60 days see Lifetime Warranty below.

Q Lifetime Warranty - At any time after 60 days, if this product does not perform as advertised, it may be replaced at no charge.

Q What size pills can be loaded into the multiple pill splitter?

The smallest pill diameter that can be loaded is .15” (4 mm). The largest pill diameter that can be loaded is ¾” (19 mm).

Q How many pills can be loaded at one time?

It depends on the diameter of round pills and the short dimension of oblong pills. The maximum load is 15 of the smallest pills and 5 of the largest pills.

Q How does one clean the cutting blade?

After extended use, it is recommended that the blade be cleaned of pill residue. To expose the blade, use an implement such as a kitchen fork (DO NOT USE YOUR FINGERS) to depress the blade shield. Avoid directly touching the blade with the implement. Then, use a cotton swab to clean the blade.

Q Is the multiple pill splitter dish washer safe?

Cleaning the unit in a dish washer is NOT recommended. Instead, wash the unit by hand in warm water with a mild detergent, rinse and air dry.

Q Where is the pill splitter manufactured?

In the USA.

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