The Ultimate Pill Cutter

If you’ve been directed by a doctor or pharmacist to cut pills in half, you have a few different options for getting the job done. First, you can take a sharp knife to your pills and cut each one at a time. Anyone who has tried this method knows this is no simple task, and creating equal cuts is nearly impossible. How many times have you tried to cut a pill in half with a sharp knife only to have one half shoot across the room and now you have the task of finding this potentially dangerous item. Your next option is to invest in a single-pill pill cutter. You can find these at most stores with a pharmacy and they eliminate the problem of uneven cuts and searching for lost pill halves. Unfortunately, you still have to cut your pills one at a time, which becomes a tedious operation. Ask anyone who suffers from bone or joint problems in the hands and they’ll tell you that tedious operations are not their favorite. Enter the ultimate pill cutter, the only pill cutter you will ever need – the Multiple Pill Splitter from

Manufactured right here in the United States, the Multiple Pill Splitter is a pill cutter like you’ve never seen before. Now you can cut multiple pills at a time – between 5 and 15 depending on the size of the pills – cleanly and quickly. Unlike the competition, our product features a hidden blade for a completely enclosed operation. This means that, if the product is used as directed, the blade will not be exposed until the pills have been loaded into the unit and the top half of the unit has been placed over the bottom half.

Guaranteed for 60 days, and covered by a lifetime warranty after that, the Multiple Pill Splitter from is a true innovation in pharmaceutical pill cutting and is the easiest pill cutter you’ll ever use. Current owners of our ultimate pill cutter love how much time – and money – they save by using this product. The time savings are obvious – if you can cut 5 to 15 pills at the same time, you can spend 5 to 15 times less time sitting at a table cutting pills.

But how does the Multiple Pill Splitter save money? Most pill medications are available in several doses, which all cost about the same per pill. Accordingly, it makes sense to save money by splitting split high dosage pills to arrive at the prescribed lower doses.

Remember to check with your doctor or pharmacist before using a pill cutter to split pills – some pills should never be cut. To learn more about the Multiple Pill Splitter, and to see videos of our product in action, by visiting

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How to Remember to Take Your Pills On Time?

If you take pills on a regular basis – especially if you take multiple pills for different ailments – you probably already know how confusing it can be to keep all your prescriptions in order. Remembering to keep your medication doses in order is absolutely important because medical doctors only have three tools to treat / cure ailments – medications, radiation, and surgery. Everything else in medicine, from one on one consultations with a doctor to impressive technologies like CT Scans are only diagnostic – in other words, they only tell doctors which one of the three treatment tools to prescribe, medication, radiation or surgery. Allowing forgetfulness to develop into a habit could be detrimental to your doctor’s plan to make you better. As hectic as life can be at times, remembering to take your pills on schedule can be a real challenge – which is why the folks behind the Multiple Pill Splitter at offer the following tips to help you stick to your medication dose schedule.

Invest in a Pillbox – those little boxes with seven compartments, one for each day of the week. The box itself serves as a visual reminder that you need to take your pills, and an empty or full compartment will tell you at a glance whether you’ve already taken the appropriate pills for the day. This is a great way to avoid accidental double doses. If the compartment is full, you haven’t taken your pills for the day, if the compartment is empty, then you have. Make sure your pills are prepared before placing in a compartment. If you need to cut your pills in half, use the Multiple Pill Splitter from to do so before you place the appropriate doses into a compartment.

Combine With Another Task – like brushing your teeth, brewing your morning pot of coffee, sitting down to lunch, etc. Anything you do at a set time every day can be combined with taking your pills so that taking your pills becomes automatic whenever you perform the associated task.

Out of Sight Out of Mind – so keep your medications in sight. Hiding your medications in a drawer or cabinet will only make it more likely for you to forget to take your dose at the appropriate time. Keep your pills (or pillbox) in sight to serve as a constant visual reminder of your next dose.

If you’re someone who regularly takes pills, you may also be someone who regularly has to cut pills in half. You could try to use a knife, or a single-pill splitter, but the Multiple Pill Splitter from offers a safer, more convenient option. Using a hidden blade that’s only exposed when the unit is closed (assuming you use as directed) the Multiple Pill Splitter can cut up to 15 pills at a time – no mess, no hassle. Plus, the Multiple Pill Splitter is guaranteed, comes with a lifetime warranty, and is manufactured right here in the United States.

Learn more about the Multiple Pill Splitter, and view videos of the product in action, at